Celeste displays time using two transparent gradient discs which make the clock face a halo of continuously changing colour nuances.


Mix & Match your Style! All these watches are fully compatible with all models from the interchangeable series.

Wrist sizes for interchangeable bracelet watches

Adjustable silicone straps are made to fit a wrist size of about 12 – 18.5 cm.
Silicone bracelets are made to fit a wrist size of about 16 – 18.5 cm.
Transparent bracelets fit wrist sizes of 13.5 – 16 cm.

Single Straps

With ZIIIRO Single Straps, you can mix and match the wrist band color of all interchangeable watch models from the bracelet series.

Color change on viewing angle

The Solaris features a reflective outer edge created with Dichroic film for a beautiful “lit up” effect that shifts in color at every angle.