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“I bought my first ZIIIRO watch over two years ago now, it was the Celeste Mono Black. I was drawn by the sleek matte black stainless steel frame and the vividly glowing but very minimalist clock face. It offered a very unique but stylish way to look at the time. Friends were always impressed by it, they has never seen anything else like it.”


“Every detail put into the watch here makes it more unique and special. The mesh texture feels really great and for us guys you do not experience any inconfort as it does not pinch or rip your arm hair. The material used is also durable and water resistant not allowing it to start looking bad if you are planning to swim with it on your hand.”


“Minimalism to its extreme – or at least that’s what designer Robert Dabi is pitching. His ZERO watch has two discs(one each for hours and minutes) that spin to tell time. My problem with many numeric-less concepts is difficulty in reading them. The ZERO looks like it may avoid that because I have no problems reading it.”

yanko design

“Ziiiro make unconventional watches, they have no hands or markings, instead they have a constantly changing pattern of rings indicating the passing of time. The main theme is minimalism, so there are no distracting elements in the design, and after a short time you will acquire a feel for reading the time.”


“Despite our fascination with all things high-tech and the fact that we’ve got a smartphone in our pocket at all times, we’ve got a serious soft spot for stylish and inventive timepieces. Ziiiro is one of those companies that consistently finds its way on to our wish lists with watches like the Orbit and Gravity.”


“And you know what? It works. In fact, it’s beautiful and strikingly simple to read: The tip of the inner swirl shows the hour, and the tip of the outer swirl shows minutes. The pendant in the middle pops out of the silicon-and-steel strap so that you can use all six colored straps with the same core, making the watch into some kind of fluid, ever-changing Zen thing. Either way, we like it.”

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