Our Story

It all began on the Internet where Robert, based in Germany, posted his watch designs. They caught Derick’s attention, who was halfway across the globe in Hong Kong. In March 2010, the two of them started ZIIIRO.

When things got more real, we needed to find somebody who was the missing link between us and the watch production facilities.

Overwhelmed by the positive response, Robert and Derick realized that with the ZIIIRO brand they created a perfect platform for subsequent ideas to become true. Regarding the way how we work on new projects together, not much has changed since the beginning.

ZIIIRO is our passion, we put our heart and soul into it. We like to thank all of our fans and supporters. We also like to thank all of our critics for helping us to improve!

Derick Ip Business Development ZIIIRO Germany

Derick Ip
Business Mastermind

Derick is the one who organizes all fields of the ZIIIRO business: Design, Production, Sales and Marketing. He helped Robert to turn an idea into a real product.

Robert Dabi Chief Designer ZIIIRO Germany

Robert Dabi
Design Guru

The idea of ZIIIRO started with Robert. He is the one-man creative department and develops everything from graphics to the actual watch designs.

Hei Production Specialist ZIIIRO Germany

Sing Hei Chong
Production Genius

No production without Hei. He is the connection between our ideas and the manufacturing facilities. He’s the guy who can tell you if your idea works out or not.

Support Ninjas

Annika and Oli come to our rescue whenever we need assistance. Maybe you’ve already met them at one of our fashion week booths in Berlin.

Our watches are designed to make time for fun. Futuristic, minimalist, bold. Every design embodies the ZIIIRO vision of creating incredible timepieces with unique appearance and style. These space-age timekeepers remind us to zig while the world zags, and to take all the time we need to live and enjoy a life that’s awesome.

ZIIIRO Team Picture Watches