To ensure reliable performance your watch should be serviced at least once every 2 years.

Cleaning the case and glass:

Even on models which are marked “WATER RESISTANT”, it is recommended to periodically clean the watch case, glass, strap and bracelet using clean water. The watch, strap and bracelet should then be wiped using a soft cloth and left to dry completely.

Cleaning the rubber strap:

A clean, white pencil eraser will often remove dirt, smudges and other marks on a silicone strap watch. Please avoid using soap and solvents as they may dry or crack the rubber.

Water Resistance

To check the water resistance rating, please refer to engravings on the case back of your watch. Watches without the water resistance rating should be protected against water, excessive moisture, steam and condensation to avoid damage. Even if your watch is water resistant, we do not recommend you to wear it during a shower or bath. This is to avoid contact with high temperature and pressure leading to the deterioration of the gaskets.
Please note that the water resistance of your watch is NOT permanent. Under normal daily use, your watch might be exposed to wear and tear that causes deterioration of the gaskets sealing the glass, case back, pushers or crown. We recommend that your ZIIIRO watch is re-sealed every two years to prevent water penetration.

Water resistant watches have the following rating on its case back:

3 ATM – Water resistant to 30 meters. Able to withstand perspiration or rain but should not be worn while swimming.

5 ATM – Water resistant to 50 meters. Suitable for swimming in shallow water.

10 ATM – Water resistant to 100 meters. Suitable for snorkeling but not to be worn while diving or scuba diving.

If your watch is not water resistant, there is no rating on the case back engraving of your watch.

It is important to always check that the crown is pushed in. You should NOT pull out the crown when the watch is wet.