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There is an app coming, yeah! Yesterday I finally had time to finish the required images and sent them to my man Robin, who will create the app. He also came up with the good idea of adding different time zones. These are some mock-ups of how it will roughly look like. The iPad theoretically could display a real timezone-orgy with 12 at once, due to its’ bigger screen.. well, it’s like my friend Daniel said: “times has never been that sexy”.

Oh, and one important thing i’d like to mention: Due to technical reasons in production, we have to switch the order of the hands. Now the outer ring shows hours, and the inner ring minutes. if there are seconds (in the app for example), they are indicated by the innermost circle.

0 thoughts on “iPhone & iPad App

  1. Mohamed Jawad says:

    This is increadable… I want all of this… How can I get my hands on all of this…
    How long will it take for the iPhone & iPad app to hit the store.. Cause I am ready
    to purchase this… And how about the real deal, the watch is nothing less than perfection..
    I would pay anything for such a watch…

  2. Robert says:

    The iPhone app is now submitted and under Apple’s approval.

    There had been some slight changes to the images above:
    The custom fonts aren’t supported until OS4 is out, so we had to use Helvetica as font for the time display :-/ Furthermore, the little circles caused some trouble, this is why they are not implemented in this version. But there are some more colors, and the app looks great nevertheless! 🙂