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It’s been almost a week now since we launched our new website, and we are overwhelmed by the positive response. We’re really glad that so many of you like what we have done so far. Over the last couple of days, we were giving our best to answer all of your questions as fast as possible, and are sorry if we forgot to answer any of them. Therefore, I’d like to use this post for another source of Q&A.

So, if there are any questions, just write them down in the comments.

I’ll start with some recurring ones:

Q: How do i know if ZIIIRO Gravity fits my wrist?
A: It fits on wrists with a perimeter of 15 cm (loose fit) and above. The metal is flexible and goes back to it’s initial shape, but you can slightly change that initial shape by bending it.

Q: Why is there no seconds disc on ZIIIRO Mercury anymore?
A: We decided to remove it after all – it didn’t look very good because the distance to the discs under it was too big and we couldn’t chnage that.

Q: Is ‘Mercury’ also interchangeable just like ‘Gravity’?
A: Nope.

Q: Do you also sell seperate straps or clock bodies?
A: Not at this point of time, because it is too difficult for us to have so many different parts right at the start.

Q: How do i know that the clock body of ‘Gravity’ doesn’t rotate and shows a wrong time when i insert it?
A: You can’t insert it wrong, you can only put it in with the crown pointed to the right side, and you can set the time, using the crown as reference.

Q: Are you offering seperate straps or clock bodies of ‘Gravity’?
A: Not at this point of time, we just started, it would be too difficult for us in terms of stock items. Maybe later, when we can handle bigger quantities.

50 thoughts on “Questions & Answers

  1. Alex says:

    Hey I’ve been following since I saw a post on Engadget a while ago. Great looking design. I have a couple questions though.

    Is it always on? As in do you need to push a button to see the time?

    How long does the battery last?

    Can you post some pics of the watch on someone for comparison?

    I’d really like to buy this, but need some of these answered first. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • Robert says:

      There seems to be a misunderstanding: this is not a digital display, it’s an analog watch that uses discs to show the time. It simply wouldn’t be possible to use a LC display in terms of battery life, pixel density and costs. So there aren’t any buttons.
      You can see the battery life of each watch on the details page in the shop.

  2. Tiago says:

    Hi, I bought the ZIIIRO Gravity as a Christmas gift for
    myself. I’m aware that it’s not going to arrive in time for the
    holidays but I just wanted to know if it’s going to ship today?

  3. Al says:

    Hey, Great watch totally buying one since i saw it on
    engadget. one Q tho, would u perhaps in the future offer a
    “customize your watch” feature? would be cool to have the black on
    white Gravity watch πŸ˜€

    and how come that the snow on white
    gravity is 10$ cheaper?

    • Robert says:

      @Tiago: yes, we are rushing to get all orders ready, should
      be out today or tomorrow.

      @Al: Thanks πŸ™‚ as i mentioned above, we’ll think about that a little later. They are a bit more expensive because the colors are mixed (unlike white-white or yellow-yellow).

  4. Ju says:

    Hi there,
    Congratulation for this project, your design is really awesone !!
    This is the kind of watch i was desperatly looking for.

    Maybe you already explained it but when you mention “This model also features an interchangeable clock body switchable with multi color straps. ZIIIRO Gravity comes in 6 Colors”
    Does it mean that there is several colored straps provided when you buy a Gravity model or just one single strap ???

    Thanks for the answer.
    Please keep on developing Ziiiro !!!!!!

  5. Ed says:

    Hey I am interested in getting one. Do you ship for free to Miami Florida if I get the Mercury for $150?

    Also, in the future, will you add the seconds to it? I really dig the rotating seconds on the iphone and would totally love this on the watch.


  6. Robert says:

    @ Ju: No, there’s only one strap with each Gravity. At the moment, it means that if you bought 2, you could swap colors. We’re looking into offering single straps later.

    @ Ed: Sure, we do! Don’t know about the seconds, see my initial post ! Glad you like it!

  7. Romain says:

    Hello, I’m also interested in getting one. But one question though, I would like to know when u will add more colors for ur mercury watches (like black/grey or black/white)?
    Good job anyway


  8. Christian says:

    I’m also interested in getting one, specifically in Ziiiro Mercury Black and RED.
    Greeting from Valparaiso ,Chile!

  9. Ab says:

    Congrats guys! Been waiting since summer but finally they
    products are out and look amazing. Im gonna buy one for me and a
    few as gifts. HOWEVER, Will the Gravity be released as
    black/Magenta? If not Ill settle for lack/red. Looking forward to
    your answer so I can place my order. And again, congrats.

  10. kostas says:

    What’s the outer dimensions of the Gravity watch? The
    actual size? not everybody likes big watches!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Adrico says:

    Heyy. These watches are great and I can’t see why they won’t progress into a successful product.
    I was just wondering if the circles on the clock face are visible in the dark?

  12. DK says:

    Hey, first of all your product looks very great =) Because
    of the 4cm, do you think about making a smaller Gravity watch for
    women? It would really really interest me. Better if it emits

  13. Ruben says:

    Hi there! The designs are very original. I wanted to know when will u have again Ziiiro-Mercury Black Ocean again in stock? Thx

    • Robert says:

      Not sure yet, but we will send you a mail as soon as it’s back. Everybody else can also drop us a line if you want us to let you know.

  14. Greg says:

    I’d be interested to know when the Mercury-Black Ocean is back in stock, too. Please email me when it is, or when you release a black metal red mercury model πŸ™‚ Thanks

  15. Jazz says:

    Can you please let me know when you will get the ZIIIRO Mercury in Chrome-Ocean, Black-Magenta and Black-Ocean back in stock? I’m hoping to get it for a present by mid-February. Thanks πŸ™‚

  16. Rick says:

    Hey Robert,

    Via the Appstore I arrived on your website. These watches are verry cool! Also great to hear that these watches are analog, instead they do like digital to me.

    I’m thinking of buying a ZIIIRO Mercury Chrome – Ocean. But it’s out of stock, how long will it take to get me one?

    From where do you ship? I live in the Netherlands.

  17. kostas says:

    I ‘m from Greece and in the next days i’ll place an order.What i’d like to know is how i’ll deliver my order, via courier company or my national post office? Thank you!

  18. Brockers says:

    Love this watch, it looks really great and i’m thinking of buying it. Just a few questions though, will the ziiiro gravity be released with red and red and if so when will it be out?
    Also will you be releasing any more watches?

    Thanks a lot. :p

  19. Ben kirk says:

    Hi there great watch, I love it! When will you have the snow white one back in stock, can’t get it anywhere. Thanks

  20. Rhiannon says:

    Juat received a Ziiro, green rubber strap.The advert described the strap as ‘molded to fit’ the wrist – this is not the case and the resulting strap needs to overlap by 5mm to fit my wrist. This is misleading and, despite the fact I love the watch,makes it unwearable. Is a smaller strap available – if not, could you ensure that the misleading nature of your adverts is stopped?

  21. ameerul says: interested of buying gravity snow-green.when u will restock them? can u email me once there are back in stock?btw im living in post the watch here?

  22. Rick says:

    I’ve paid €149,- for the Mercury so that means freeshipping. Why is it that UPS charge me € 26,08?

  23. Rick says:

    I Order a Mercury and it’s over € 140,- so free shipment. The strangest is that UPS charges me € 26,08. I e-mailed you via contact, Facebooked and after more then two weeks I still didn’t got any information back.

    Very strange when your asking why you’ve got to pay extra money that wasn’t mention me before, nobody is home to answer my question.

  24. DK says:

    You’re right Rick, nobody answered me for 6 months
    Really makes me want to buy!!!!!!!!!

    Learn marketing “Robert”

  25. Brandon says:

    hey I would like to know with regards to the Mercury black ocean, does the black metal fade/chip/erode? Please reply as I want to know if the chrome would be a better choice πŸ™‚ Thanks

  26. krissto says:

    Hi, I just want to ask if it is possible to buy separate strap for Ziiiro Gravity watch? Some time ago you wrote this feature will be available in the future.

  27. ryannzha says:

    Great watch, just ordered today, but too bad, it doesn’t have a glow in the dark feature/ backlight for viewing in the dark.

    Great work! make some more guys, and please, make metal straps available so it’s interchangable.

  28. VictoriaLynn Palazzolo says:

    Do you think you’ll be releasing the Mercury in different color schemes? Possibly red and black?

  29. Bhupender sharma says:

    Hi I have that watch but need to change its battery but here in India which some of the watch dealer I showed them to replace the battery they don’t have idea to replace. Can you please help me in that matter or possible please share any link to how to get battery replaced.

    • Robert says:

      We use standard snap-on or twisted case backs. So every watch dealer should normally be able to replace it. If there is no other way than doing it by yourself, you will need special tools for opening the case back.

  30. Sara says:

    Same here – taken to local jeweller that have been able to get other watches open no worries – can’t do it!

  31. Fred says:

    Hi, I have the same problem.The jeweller couldn’t open it. I tried with a knife, no success. My watch is a celeste with steel case and strap. Could you explain how to proceed or post a video on YouTube ? Thanks

  32. Pablo says:

    I took my Ziiro to a jeweler, but couldn’t change the battery. I was able to separate the body from the strap, but couldn’t figure out how to open the body. Heeeeeeelp!!!


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