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We have been busy recently developing a new model launching in the next few months. Name of the watch Aurora comes from ‘Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights’ – a natural light display observed at night particularly in the polar regions. We chose this name due to its color resemblance on the clock face (green-blue-yellow) of our new watch.


So can you even read time on that thing?? Good question 🙂 You bet we have an answer for you too.

Displaying the time on Gravity and Mercury was performed using a combination of two swirls (hour and minute). What we are experimenting on Aurora is to reduce both swirls into a single element without taking away any functionality from the watch. Hour indicator which is on the bottom layer uses a 100% to 0% blue gradient and the Minute indicator uses a 100% to 0% yellow gradient. Overlapping both layers create a color mixing result thus producing an ever changing clock face color! It allows the user to learn a new way of interpreting time by understanding mixture of different colors.

(Top picture left: 5:17 am/pm – bottom layer blue (100%) is near the 5o’clock position and green (100% yellow mixed with blue) is at the 17 mins position)

And not to forget, this model is fully interchangeable with the Gravity so for those who purchased before, get this clock for mix and match! 😉

22 thoughts on “ZIIIRO AURORA Preview

  1. Grant Wall says:

    Well, I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t been able to get my Gravity yet, these look pretty awesome too.

  2. Derick says:

    @ Jatin: time on last watch is 1:21 because the minute disc with 100% yellow is standing at the 21minutes area. so the other one must be the hour at 1o’clock

  3. Mike says:

    This is simply an excellent master piece, keep up the good job, and don’t forget, you guys have many fans supporting you out there! 😉

  4. George says:

    Wow takes a while to get used to but looks funky! Is there any ideas on how much it will cost when it comes out?

  5. Nic says:

    Wow these are sick! But I’m interested in the mercury, are anynew colours going to be coming out soon? I need to decide whether Or not to just order one now or wait until there is more selection, then ship it to Canada

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  7. Mike says:

    @ Jatin… I agree. The last watch is reading 4:05 ish. I think these guys are morons if they are making fun of people who can’t read the time on their watches when they themselves can’t!

  8. Jas says:

    Why do all of them look so girly.. for the ones which have a decent Mens version kind of dial, the strap seems pretty feminine.. Is there a dedicated Mens watch selection?

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