ZERO iPhone App

iPhone GUI PSD

Our iPhone app is available in the AppStore now! I just managed to test it a couple of hours ago and everything works incredibly well.

There are a total of 6 background color themes available to choose from (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Black). Also, there is an option to turn the timing (Hour & Min) in the middle ON/OFF. We have a lot more ideas for functionality and interactivity, which will be added in the future updates. So consider this version to be just the beginning and the basic function of the moving ZERO swirls. There will be some more really cool features! Click the icon to get it from the store, it’s free:

Credits to Robin for helping us develop the application. You can visit his website at



7 thoughts on “ZERO iPhone App

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  2. Steffen says:

    I showed the app to some of my classmates. Their first question was: What will it cost? And the second question was, when can we buy this watch?

  3. Derick says:

    Hi Steffen,

    The cost of the watch is still not confirmed yet. We are working hard on the production, release will supposedly be around Oct / Nov 😀


  4. Poofy says:

    Hi, I stumbled by this site via another via another… It was a long tangled web.

    Anyways, I LOVE this concept and as long as the price is under 1000 US Dollars I will buy your 1st black and red colored one!

    Please let us know the exact date of release as it becomes known!

  5. Bojan says:

    Hi! I`m from Macedonia, i got to this site through a topic on a local site, they were presenting your watch and i love the design and concept i must point out.
    Hope you guys will put reasonable price on it since the standards in my country are kinda poor 🙁 Anyway i would love to get one of these! Nice work!

  6. gve says:

    Hey 🙂

    Your designs look interesting, but I am afraid of price tag of this little beauty… Anyways, out from the curiosity, I am going to watch how the things go around here. I’d certainly buy myself one of these, as long as the price tag reads below 150 Euros. 😉 (You will ship to Poland, right? ;))

  7. Derick says:

    Poofy: We love that you love it! Will sure update you once it’s available 😀

    Bojan: Thanks for the compliment! We are working on the pricing 😉

    gve: Hey 🙂 Ship to Poland? Definitely, Yes!

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